Let’s cut to the chase

If you ask people I work with about me, they would most likely say 3 things: 

1. Brutally honest

2. Fiery temperament

3. Gets things done

But is that the reason why you’re on this page?

Probably not.

You didn’t just happen to land on this page. You’re here because you are curious about the person you’re considering working with.

You scanned my LinkedIn with a magnifying glass.

You looked at my experience, education, skills, and referrals.

You gradually checked-off boxes in the back of your head, but…

You still don’t have a clear answer to the most important question of all.

Am I the right person to help you develop your personal brand?

You’re probably looking for something more of an intangible.

Am I right? If so, you know your future clients will be equally curious about you. It’s tough to know exactly what to say. The best you can do is put yourself in their shoes and answer the questions floating around in their head. So, let me give it a shot and answer some of the questions you might have before you decide to reach out to me…

Why focus on personal branding?

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The short answer is: One, I love making plans come together. And two, I love making strong people stronger. Now, if you’re looking for the longer version of the answer, take a look at this blog.

Can you tell me something Google can't?

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I used to dream about becoming a secret agent. But at some point 'common sense' kicked in, and I went down the more academic path of political science instead. A traveling diplomat had become the new dream. Then graduation day came, and the rest is history you can read on my LinkedIn.

What's your own dot on the horizon?

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It's again one of those short-long type of answers. Short version is: Tortuga Haven on a yet to discover tropical island. For the longer version you will need several minutes, feel free to dive in here.

Straight up, can you help me?

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If you're willing to roll up your sleeves and put in the hard work, I can. It's all on you. I'm there to help you tell the best version of your story, but it's yours to tell.

You have more questions, don't you?

Yes, I do